The best-tasting, no-preservative orange jam recipe

An excellent method to capture the essence of oranges in a jar is to make homemade orange jam, which adds a zesty touch to any dish. The goal of this recipe is to make a jam that tastes as fresh as possible without the use of preservatives.

Now let’s get started on creating this delectable orange jam without using any artificial ingredients.


Regarding the Jam:

3 kilograms of oranges (about 2 kg of peel and pulp)

800 grams of sugar

One large lemon’s juice, or five teaspoons of lemon juice

One-fourth teaspoon of citric acid

Five cloves, optional for flavor

Essential Cutlery:


Big pot

Towel clean enough to dry the oranges

Jars used for food preservation

Boiling time and preparation:

Thirty minutes for preparation

Time to Boil: Approximately 1 hour

Phase-by-Step Method:

Getting the Oranges Ready:

Wash and Dry: To start, give the oranges a good wash and dry them to get rid of any surface contaminants.

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